Checklist to succeed in your online sales campaign

by Gareth
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Checklist to succeed in your online sales campaign

After Christmas comes the most awaits moment for any serious shopaholic: sales. You may be one of those people who think that the sales aren't as big or as impressive as they once where, but nearly 50% of you will make a purchase during the New Years sales and an average of £120 will be spent on clothes per person. These metrics show that New Years sales exceed Black Friday, a weekend where the average spend on fashion items was £75. If you are a business looking to capitalise on these big spenders, you still have time to refine your strategy and reach out to your target audience. We've prepared a checklist to help...

1.) Choose the channels that have given you the best results

Start by analysing all the data generated by the campaigns you have run on social media in the last 6 months, and from this you should see what social platforms have been giving you the best results and most sales. Increase your budget where results have been strong and move away from platforms where you have spent a lot of time marketing with very little return on investment. 

2.) Make a calendar with different phases of the sales and days for special discounts

Organisation is key for any strategy to succeed. That's why it is very important that you prepare a calendar with the dates and times you want to make particular discounts or sale offers. This allows you to prepare all your specific creatives and copy in advance of these days, saving you time and ensuring the sale flows as smoothly as possible.

Special offers are also important during these dates. For special offers, you can get the customer's attention with additional offers on top of the sale discount, which should help to increase the amount you sell. For example, you could offer one weekend where all items bought online are shipped for free. 

3.) Differentiate yourself with creatives and copy

During the sale period people are faced with hundreds of different marketing messages and advertisements, so you have to be original when preparing your own creatives and copy to ensure you capture the attention of buyers. Data suggests that video content is the most effective means to capture the attention of potential customers, so try to incorporate original gifs and videos to display what sale offers you have.

4.) Show your TOP products

Make a list of TOP sale products and generate specific ads for them. These types of ads usually have better results than when we display another randomly selected product. Also, make sure you're not displaying a product that you no longer have stock of, as this may lead to customer disappointment when you don't have it in-store. 

5.) Focus on retargeting

Retargeting customers is a very important method of marketing/advertising during this period, as it allows us to reach out to customers who have already displayed interest in your products. Your sales can be maximised by capturing the attention of users who have already viewed the products on your website prior to the sale period, meaning they are more likely to buy something if they subsequently notice that the product they like has been discounted. 

6.) Review the results weekly

Ensure you check the metrics and results on a weekly basis. Therefore, if a problem arises in any of your social campaigns you will be able to solve the issue quickly. In addition, by doing this you can optimise your budget, moving the campaign forward to generate the most amount of conversions for any given budget. 

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