Three Attributes of Content Marketing

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Three Attributes of Content Marketing


  • Traditional advertising and inbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Three attributes of content marketing
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Content Marketing ... we are living a new stage on the web, one that was already coming from 2010 and that Google recently revealed when it indicated that it had reached one hundred billion searches per month and had indexed more than thirty trillion of pages. A number that escapes the imagination.

Traditional advertising and inbound marketing

Traditional advertisingFor a few years, traditional advertising began to die.Some data that show: approximately 200 million Americans have registered their phone to not receive advertising calls (more than half of the country); more than 90% of web users have canceled subscriptions to newsletters to which they had previously registered;86% of viewers zappea; 44% of promotional e-mails are never open. In a common city, each of us receives 3,000 to 5,000 advertising hits a day. In a reality like that, do you really believe that traditional advertising is still working? »Tweet this phrase»

Today, the consumer searches for himself on the web, and after analyzing his options, he generates ties and preferences. That is called inbound marketing orgiving the client what they are looking for and what is the secret of it? Deliver the content you need, when you need it and in the channels you need it ... from blogs to social media, through e-boks, white papers, videos, podcasts, fact sheets, newsletters, etc. It's the stage of content marketing ... and if you need real proof of this, you can do it now with Google Trends ; I just did it, comparing two terms: search marketing vs content marketingThe result is brutal, showing a fall in the interest for the first and an unstoppable rise for the second.

Search Marketing vs Content Marketing

Content marketing

Web contentThe companies have already noticed that they need to produce more and better content, which will cause us to soon have a website with the 30 trillion existing pages, plus all the content that the inexperienced will generate, and also the new content of the experts. The result will be a web full of garbage where only the bright will stand out. Are you sure that your website will be there?

Today, content, social networks and SEO form the new triad of success on the web .none of them works without the other two. Young people are in love with social media , but what is the use if they do not have substance to share? Content may be the jewel of the internet, but what works if it is not optimized for search engines and nobody finds it. Finally, what is the optimized content, if nobody shares it or talks about it. Content, Social Media and SEO, this is the new triad »Tweet this phrase» ... but it is not everything.

3 attributes of content marketing

Given the above, here are three attributes of content marketing that you can not ignore.

Content Marketing1) It is not promotional: Promotional materials neither excite nor inspire. The content must do it. »Tweet this phrase» is a Content Site produced by specialized bloggers, independent professionals and journalists. Its objective is to inform about beauty trends and give useful advice to make up women of all levels. Its big differential advantage is a section with tutorials to match the makeup style of celebrities . Who pays for this effort? L'Oreal , the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world ... What is the benefit? The tutorials occasionally include subtle mentions of products without necessarily focusing on them, that is, they do not feel like an attempt to sell ... Remember, the best advertising is one that does not look like advertising »Tweet this phrase» What brand of cosmetics do you think the thousands of readers who want to look like Bella Thorne will buy?

Content Marketing2) It is useful: Good content answers questions from users; It solves doubts. is a Content Site developed for girls who are entering adolescence; that stage in which the body begins to undergo important changes but neither the mind nor the emotions are mature enough to understand it. posts about the most recurrent topics of those years as «My body», «My period», «My relationships», «My life», «My style», and best of all, has an expert section. They answer questions that adults may find trivial but for teenagers they are transcendent. Who pays for this effort? Alwaysand TampaxWhat is the benefit? The section "My period" includes questions such as "How to put on a tampon?", "What clothes should I wear in those days?", "Are tampons or towels better?", Etc. The result is that the site has tens of thousands of visits from girls solving doubts and interacting with the brand.

Online content3) It has a real value proposition: In other words, the content is optimally configured for the niche to which it is addressed.

The content is NOT delivered in text only.Content can come in multiple forms depending on the target, from tweets to videos, and this last form is what Naked News has used for years , a Content Site that is dedicated to transmitting news capsules on multiple topics with girls who They undress while they give the information! A site that falls into the Infotainment category and that started being free; currently charges for its content, fees from 7.50 usd per month. Regardless of whether the pay model is successful or not, the value proposition is clear and practically became its differential advantage over the rest of the news on the web.


With all these data, one truth is clear: The content is no longer the king ... is the absolute emperor »Tweet this phrase»] The content is no longer the king ... is the absolute emperor [/ tti], and as we saw, no only for search and SEO, but even for the user's habits and the same social media.

So when you think about what strategy to follow in online marketing in the coming years, remember three words: content, content and content. [tti link = »Tweet this phrase»

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