What is Marketing 3.0?

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What is Marketing 3.0?

Since the publication of Kotler's last book, Marketing 3.0, the subject has taken flight once again. There are many definitions and few agreements as to what the term actually means. I recently stumbled across a cool an article that talks about this particular disagreement, which I wanted to share with you.

I transcribe literally:

Welcome marketing 3.0

For some time now, Online Marketing professionals are starting to talk about Marketing 3.0, differentiating it, obviously, from Marketing 1.0 and 2.0. However, it is still unclear what is being talked about when mentioning this new aspect of Internet Marketing.

On the one hand, some marketers, when they talk about Marketing 3.0, refer to everything associated with the Semantic Web. What is the semantic web? It is an extended Web. This means that it is endowed with greater meaning. Developed with a few types of languages ​​that will allow you to find answers to questions quickly and easily, their performance is due to how information is organised within it.

Some progress has been made on this new Web, which works logically, such as the Format Exchange Rule (RIF), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), but we are still far from reaching a full semantic Web.

On the other hand, there are those who talk about Marketing 3.0 as a new Marketing of values ​​whose goal is "to make the world a better place". That is what Philip Kotler called it in several recent conferences.

Finally, there are Marketing professionals who, when talking about Marketing 3.0, refer to Personalised Marketing. This type of Marketing seeks to reach their consumers or prospects with information that is really interesting to them, that adds value through technological advances that allow identifying, through their searches, what things interest each one of us. It is no longer enough, for example, to send a directed communication with the name and surname of the person. The marketers who refer to personalisation when talking about Marketing 3.0 believe that we must go further.

We believe that this last definition is the correct 3.0. Why? Because it is directly related to the evolution of digital media and the birth and explosion of Social Networks, the new stars of Digital Marketing due to its great power of viralisation, dissemination and feedback. This type of Marketing is based on segmentation, in a market formed by numerous population groups with defined characteristics and needs.

In e-mail marketing, to take an example of Online Marketing strategies, we are developing personalisation tools to improve the campaigns. One of those tools is the E-mail Preference Centre. What is this? The Preference Centre for E-mails is based on a form that readers can access once they decide to subscribe to the communications of a certain company. This is where the subscriber can write down what things are interesting to him from a list of options provided by the company. This serves to segment the subscriber lists and to personalise the communications and offers that are sent.

According to Sherpa Marketing research, 83% of consumers want more control over the content of the e-mails they receive. As a result, we must adapt to our consumers, offering them what they are looking for. That's what Marketing 3.0 is about.

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