Why do users follow brands on Facebook?

by Gareth
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Why do users follow brands on Facebook?

Google has shared some results of a recent investigation conducted by eMarketer on the reasons why users become fans or like brands on Facebook.

  • 45% of Facebook users like at least one brand
  • 25% like them because they expect to obtain economic benefits
  • 18% like to show others their support of that brand
  • 10% simply like the brand because it's fun or entertaining
  • 8% want to receive new information

This information is valuable for those brands that seek to get involved in social networking to build relationships with their consumers. Despite the claim made by many "gurus" that on social media brands should build relationships as 'people' rather than marketing entities, what users clearly want is to receive very traditional forms of marketing

On the flip side, we should point out a very common error made by brands, especially the small ones, when they set up an account on Facebook. That is, due to their ignorance of the tools available, they create profiles and not pages. This mistake demonstrates not only a misunderstanding of the platform, but self-limits the brands potential on Facebook in the future, since a profile will only allow up to 5000 friends (and a fan page has unlimited followers).

Finally, for those brands that are already on Facebook, be vigilant of the changes Facebook are likely to make in the near future as they embrace social commerce and provide greater tools to achieve exposure across the platform.

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