Clever Ads #3: Burger King

by Gareth
~1 minute
Clever Ads #3: Burger King

How to create advertising for food without necessarily showing... the food.

In food advertising, it is said that nothing sells better than showing the food itself. However, when it comes to food such as burgers, showing them does not always have the same effect.

In this context, Burger King Peru dared to innovate using humour for its Burger King Stacker, their super beef burger that can contain from two to four servings of meat and from 4 to 8 strips of bacon. In summary, a food tower!

And so, the ad was developed, showing a huge tower of cows. The advert tried to inject a bit of humour into the meaning of their burger and capture customers who knew what such a burger would entail: a lot of meat!

Sacrificing a bit of persuasion for some humour in a fast food chain, like Burger King, is not a bad decision.

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