The Opportunity of Digital Advertising on Smart TVs

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The Opportunity of Digital Advertising on Smart TVs

Digital advertising on Smart TVs opens up a world of enormous possibilities for any digital marketing strategy. The hybrid nature of having a television equipped with a digital environment creates unprecedented advertising possibilities.

The web ecosystem, so far, has been a fantastic medium to offer advertising in an incredible range of formats: banners, popups, google ads, and social ads. Unlike conventional television, the internet as a marketing platform is universal. Although there are tv channels that make their way across borders, the ability of the internet in this regard is unbeatable. Especially since it offers the ability to make advertising campaigns available from anywhere in the world. 

Smart TVs allow the humble television to make a similar impact. 

What is a smart TV and how does it work?

Smart TVs involve integrating the internet and Web 2.0 functions in newer generations of televisions. Therefore, digital advertising on Smart TVs is possible as these devices are connected to the internet. 

A smart TV can be considered a hybrid medium between computer technology and television. It means other than just using it to browse your regular TV channels, you can access video streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix. Furthermore, you can also browse and search digital content on the web. 

A key difference of Smart TVs compared to traditional television is how advertising works. Smart TVs offer the possibility of generating native advertising content via a medium that, until recently, focused on more traditional advertising formats.

Traditional TV vs Smart TV

Another difference is that traditional television focuses mainly on the transmission of news, movies, or series that have been previously scheduled. In the case of Smart TVs, they are able to show you content that is more similar to a website than a television. If you have been browsing more sport or more film-based content in recent days, your Smart TV will be able to adapt to your browsing behaviour and show you what it think you are going to like.

Also, as mentioned previously, there is the huge potential of digital advertising with Smart TVs as we will now discuss...

The Potential of Digital Advertising on Smart TVs

The arrival of digital advertising on Smart TVs is a breath of fresh air for television advertising. The popularity of traditional television advertising is declining, and digital advertising on Smart TVs is a new way to reach audiences through this channel. 

People are already flocking to internet-enabled televisions and web-based devices, giving advertisers a unique opportunity to reach audiences they are targeting in ways they have never been able to do before on television.

The fact is, being able to obtain information on how people behave on the internet and their lifestyle preferences makes digital advertising on Smart TVs really valuable.   So, not only will you be able to access viewing content that is tailored to your specific needs, but the advertising you are shown will also reflect your personal preferences. This has two benefits: it makes your viewing experience substantially more enjoyable and makes the advertising significantly more profitable.  

7 Benefits of Digital Advertising on Smart TVs

1. Greater accuracy in targeting

One of the most notable aspects of digital advertising on Smart TVs is the ability to reach your specific target audience.

To use a Smart TV, users must login through universal identifiers such as Facebook or Google accounts. This means they are able to know a lot more about the precise demographic and geographic information of the viewer.

So, you are able to create more relevant messages, because it can be adjusted to the specific viewing habits of those people watching the TV

2. More personalised ads

The enhanced opportunity to target specific audience segments, means you can also target the ads in highly personalised ways. If you are interested in sport, you can be shown ads related to sport, and if you are interested in beauty, then those will be the ads you are shown.

By making the ads more user friendly, they will work to promote brand loyalty and increase brand visibility.

3. New ad formats

Another feature of digital advertising on Smart TVs is that it is very entertaining. This is partly due to the fact that a variety of video ad formats are possible: from animated, to static video, to CTA ads. 

In addition, one type of advertising format native to digital advertising is interactive ads. Advertising creatives that promote consumer participations often increase the overall performance of video ad campaigns.

4. Greater loyalty

Digital advertising on Smart TVs is a completely new experience, compared to viewing ads on web or mobile devices. The experience of broadcasting ads on a large screen offers great ad visibility, mimicking the traditional television experience, but the more engaging nature of Smart TV means ad viewing time appears to be greater. The consequence of this is that you can build a more loyal customer base who actually look forward to consuming your advertising content. 

5. Real time metrics

With digital advertising on Smart TVs, digital marketing specialists can measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign easily and in real time.

You can track the number of visits, clicks, conversion and direct responses. This is a massive advantage since real-time metrics offer you the possibility to adjust your ad campaign to make it more efficient and cost-effective. 

6. Interactivity

One of the great features of digital advertising on Smart TVs is interactivity. With Smart TV advertising, brands have the opportunity to interact with their audience. This gives them more possibilities to meet the needs of their target audience and retain their attention. 

The audiences of this advertising format also have a lot more freedom as they choose the way they want to interact. The ability of users to control the type of ads they see results in a substantially higher level of satisfaction. 

7. Reach premium audiences

Digital advertising gives you the possibility to reach the best audiences when specific events are on. Moments such as live concerts or important sporting events are optimal for advertising on Smart TVs. In this way, you can reach unique and highly interested individuals, plus you will likely make a far greater return on your advertising investment. 

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