LinkedIn For Companies: Guide To Generating Business

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LinkedIn For Companies: Guide To Generating Business

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network that currently exists. It currently has more than 400 million active professionals. It is a social network of professionals who, acting as individuals or part of a company, establish connections with other professionals for a variety of purposes: to gain new clients, collaborators, business alliances, find jobs, and recruit talented people. In this article we will look at what the main strategies to generate business through this social network are. 

Tips To Optimise Your Company's Business Presence

To generate business through Linkedin, it's a great idea for the whole team to be involved. To do this, ensure that everyone knows how to take advantage of their personal profile on LinkedIn. These are created in their own name, but can be used on behalf of the company to network with other professional and drum up new business. Second, you can use LinkedIn to achieve greater engagement with individuals within your target audience by sharing valuable content. 

How To Network With Other Professionals

When we talk about networking, we are referring to the creation of a professional network of contacts that allows other people to find out more about us and our businesses, as well as find potential business partners and/or investors. 

Some actions that we can carry out to network properly on LinkedIn are:

  1. Actively participating in related group discussions using our professional profile. Answer questions posed by other LinkedIn users, contribute your point of view, and open topics of discussion.
  2. Request to connect with those who can help you or offer interesting perspectives/content in your interest. Similarly, be open to connecting with those who you can provide value too.
  3. Frequently publish valuable content on your profile. This can be content produced and written yourself, from other sources, or the content of you website.
  4. Interacting with other users' posts constructively.
  5. Show interest in the professional activity of other users. Recommend their publications, validate their skills, etc.
  6. Showing an active desire to help others.

Be careful though - try not to fall into one of the most frequent mistakes that are usually made by LinkedIn users: avoid spammy content that annoys other users and don't send business information to someone who has not requested it.

How To Improve Your Company's Visibility on LinkedIn

Your company can generate greater visibility on the platform in more ways than just through the efforts of your team. LinkedIn offers you a series of tools that can help you out, including the possibility to create a company page and create advertising campaigns.

Creating a Company Page

Any company can establish a presence on this professional social network through the creation of a company page. Just make sure you have authorisation before you do this! You can find the option to create a new LinkedIn page under the 'work' section in the navigation bar:

Having done this, it is important to edit all the relevant information about your company: the description, the year of creation, the number of employees, the sector you work in, the company specialties, and add a clear logo.

Once created, it is always a good idea to invite your contacts to follow the page. There are a number of ways of doing this: sharing a link to the page on your own profile, sending an email to your contacts through InMail, promoting the page through LinkedIn advertising. Other methods of letting people know about your page include displaying a link on your website or blog to your LinkedIn company page, adding a link in the signature of your emails, and shouting about it across other social platforms. Why not check out Osito's LinkedIn page.

Publishing Valuable Content

Your company's LinkedIn page is a virtual space where, as in other social networks, you can build a community around your business and its day-to-day activities.

To build a community effectively you need to publish frequently, ideally between 3 to 5 times a week, with valuable content. Valuable content is content that is interesting to your followers and shows the company as an entity that is committed to helping and providing support to its community.

LinkedIn Page Statistics

Thanks to the statistical data offered by your LinkedIn page, you are able to see the content that is working best for you and how many people each piece of content reaches. This is valuable because you can learn what your audience wants to see more of, allowing you to improve your content over time. 

Encouraging Your Team To Share Content

A well-trained team in the art of LinkedIn management will help you achieve your goals. Your team, through their own social profiles, are the main driving force behind your company voice, as they have access to new audiences who may be interested in your company activities. 

It is essential that all employees of your company, not just particular individuals, see LinkedIn as another viable means of communicating to your target audience, both for networking and sharing knowledge about your industry and the activity of your company.

In addition to this, it is vital they are aware of new publications on your company's website, so they can share it, allowing for the quick dissemination of company news!

LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn allows you to advertise your company and its services to your target audience through the platform's advertising system.

With any personal account it is possible to create one or several advertising accounts. If you want to manage the advertising for different advertisers, you must create an account for each one. These will all be independent of each other, so that each will have their separate ad groups, can be managed by different people, and the billing information will be different for each account. 

Segmentation Possibilities

One of the advantages of LinkedIn advertising is its ability to segment the target audience really well. It is possible to segment your target by job positions, by seniority and the size of the company, sector and country the user is in.

Budget Settings

As for setting the advertising budget, the minimum daily amount is $10, and the minimum cost per click is 2 euros. But you will only be billed per click achieved, so if on one day you receive no more than 2 clicks, you will only be charged 4 dollars.

Formats According To Objectives

Depending on your objectives (e.g. generating traffic to our website, increasing the number of followers, etc.) there are two advertising formats: sponsored publications and text ads. The latter is the one that will allow you to generate traffic to your website or increase the recognition of your brand. However, at the moment, the 'ad text' format is pretty limited, as it only allows you to have a small image, a headline and a brief description. 

I will soon be publishing a more in-depth guide on LinkedIn and LinkedIn advertising, but this should give you a quick overview as to why you should be on the platform as it is a great way of generating new business. LinkedIn today is like Facebook was for businesses 10 years ago. Jump on the platform now and don't miss out on this brilliant opportunity. 

If you like this content you’re going to love everything else I do. I want to provide you with unbelievable value so you, too, can achieve all your business goals. Let me know what you think of this post and I'd be happy to help any of you guys who may be struggling with your own marketing strategies. Also check me out on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

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